Jasper van't Hof was born 1947 in Enschede (The Netherlands) with music. His father was a professional trompet player and his mother classical singer. When he was 5 years old, Jasper got pianolessons. On his 14th he knew the piano would be his future. He composed his own music and jazz turned out to be his favourite. He started his career performing in schoolbands and jazzclubs. He was only 19 years old when he could be heard at jazzfestivals with among others, Pierre Courbois and the german jazz guitar player Toto Blanke. With the latter he founded the revolutionary band Association P.C. . With this band he got his first international attention.

In the seventies he played with, for instance, Philip Catherine (guit.), Charlie Mariano (sax), Aldo Romano (dr.) and J.F. Jennie Clarke (ctr.bs.) and founded the band
Pork Pie. It was with Pork Pie that he fullfilled the expectations of the international Jazzworld.

He had some musical adventures with among others: Palle Mikkelborg (trp), Stu Martin (dr), Jean Luc Ponty (violin), Archie Shepp (sax), Gerry Brown (dr), Zbiegnew Seifert (violin), Alphons Mouzon (dr). He started his project
"Eyeball" together with Bob Malach (ten Sax), Didier Lockwood (violin), Aldo Romano (dr), Bo Stief (bs) . Played with the Pianoconclave from George Grunz.
Did several Philharmonic Orchestra projects as solo piano. (Rotterdam Philharmonic, Radio Metropole, NDR Philharmonic Orch., Residentie Orch-Den Haag, etc.)

From the eighties Jasper van't Hof has not only played as a solo-performer but also cooperated in ensembles with for example Manfred Schoof. The successful group
Pili Pili was founded in 1985 during a concert-tour around Africa with Trilok Gurtu (indian perc.). The latest CD by Pili Pili is called: Timbuktu. An emotional story about the North African History, in connection with their culture and religions, with Mali/Timbuktu as the center of all these.
In the eighties Jasper van't Hof has got national and international appreciation for his work. He received the
Edison 1982 and the USA Down Beat in 1987 and 1988. Jasper van't Hof is still developing the international jazz, not only as a soloist but also with other well known musicians and the Pili Pili formation. He received in 1997 the Bird Award Nederland. According to the Jury of Bird Award 1997 Jasper van't Hof is a cosmopolitan jazz piano player who has an unequalled style of playing his instrument. His playing is characterized to some extent by a romantic point of view in the jazz-idiom, but he is not frustrated by any obstacles. He is a highly talented person and a very impressive musician.